SEIU 219 (OR Public Health Division) Employee Morale Survey results

In November of 2013, SEIU sub-local 219 conducted a Public Health Division morale assessment. The questions asked in the morale assessment questionnaire were triggered by the limitations of the DAS Employee Engagement Survey, the importance of family friendly policies, and our knowledge of problems occurring in the Oregon Public Health

For this reason, we tried to organize the survey questions by topic and how they relate to specific OHA policies and articles in the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA, aka employment contract). We were particularly interested in the DAS work family balance policy (10.030.01), professional workplace policy (50.010.03), flexible schedule policy (10.000.01), and language in our CBA.

This report summarizes responses from employees at the Oregon Health Authority’s Public Health Division. Two hundred-fifty-four respondents from the Public Health Division participated in the morale assessment.

Click the link below to download survey summary results:

PHD Morale Executive Summary

We will be releasing a more extensive analysis of survey results by March 2014.

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