2014 SEIU 503 General Council proposed Resolutions: we need your feedback!

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The SEIU 503 General Council (the Governing body of our larger union SEIU 503) will be in session August 14-16, 2014. Proposed resolutions that were written by union members will be debated and voted upon. General Council Delegates will also review and adopt a budget for the upcoming biennium.

Local Officers are responsible for reviewing the proposed Resolutions with union members at the local level, and SEIU 503 staff have taken the time to create a few summaries on their interpretation of how proposed Resolutions might effect the way our union currently works. Read these summaries here:

SEIU 503 Staff’s Estimated Legislative Impact of proposed Resolutions

SEIU 503 legal staff’s Interpretation of proposed Resolutions

We’ve posted the proposed Resolutions online here for review:


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