Bargaining Basics

What: Bargaining with the state over our next contract (which will run from July 1, 2015 – June, 30 2017)

What we bargain:

  • Wages (Salary increases, differential pay, overtime, mileage reimbursement, etc)
  • Health insurance premium share (paid by employees)
  • Work schedules
  • Safety and Health issues
  • Union Rights & Management Rights

What we don’t bargain:

  • Medical benefits, HEM (negotiated by PEBB Board)
  • PERS (negotiated by PERS Board; affected by Legislators)

When & Where: Actual bargaining began in February 2015, and SEIU 503 made our first proposal to the State on March 18, 2015.  Prior to that, members filled out the Bargaining Surveys in September 2014 to let the union know what’s important to them.  Bargaining takes place at the SEIU 503 Headquarters in Salem.


2015 State Worker Central Bargaining Team

Steve Demarest, Employment Department
Wayne Ground, DHS/OHA
Brant Johnson, Oregon State Hospital
Sandi Kalin, Department of Administrative Services
Noel Magee, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Rolando Ramirez, Oregon Youth Authority
Mike Scott, Oregon Department of Transportation
Mary Stewart, Department of Revenue
Heather Conroy, SEIU 503 Executive Director
Heather Blankenheim, SEIU 503 Staff

2015 Human Services Coalition Bargaining Team

Shamus Cooke, DHS – Portland
Wayne Ground – DHS, Salem –Central Table
Betty Holladay – DHS, Salem
Bruce Kennedy-Smith – DHS, Hillsboro
Rhonda Morgan, DHS – Gold Beach
Mary Perry, DHS – Portland
Martin Ramirez – DHS, Medford
Mike Roberts – DHS, Medford
Theresa Arndt – Employment, Salem
Steve Demarest – Employment, Portland –Central Table
Austin Folnagy – Employment, Klamath Falls
Tia Fraser – Employment, Beaverton
Jerry Rosenkoetter – Employment, Salem
Michel Miller – OHA, Salem

Have some feedback for us about what you’d like to see happen when we bargain our upcoming contract?

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