Results of Local Officer & Delegate Elections Posted

Congratulations to newly elected Officers & Delegates!

SEIU Sublocal 219 Officers & Delegates

Chair: Hillary Booth
Vice Chair: Sarah Hargand
Secretary: Jacqueline Harris
Treasurer: Steven Baird

Alternate Bargaining Delegate: Carol Dobrovolny

General Council Delegates: Leela Coleman, Jackie Harris, Rebekah Cook (Sarah Hargand, Hillary Booth, automatic Delegates)


Statewide DHS/OHA Local 200 Officers

President: Rhonda Morgan
Vice President: Alice Pangburn
Secretary: Betty Holladay
Treasurer: Wayne Ground

See the full list of newly elected Officers & Delegates from other DHS/OHA Sub-local:

Election Result Website


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SEIU 219 Elections for Vice Chair and Treasurer

Announcement of Elections for SEIU 219 Vice Chair and Treasurer

This election is to fill two vacant offices at SEIU Sublocal 219 (representing workers at PSOB and OSPHL).

Background: In early April 2013 both the Chair and Treasurer positions were vacated; as directed in SEIU Local 200 Bylaws, Hillary Booth (then Vice Chair) assumed the duties of the Chair and will remain in this office through May 2014. Now we must elect new officers to fill the vacancies.

Election timeline:

Monday, April 22nd – Nomination forms & election announcement mailed out to membership via postal mail

Wednesday, April 24th – Elections Committee announces nomination period (and election) via building-wide email

Monday, May 6th – Nominations close

Tuesday, May 7th – Elections Committee reviews nominations and submits list of nominees to be included on ballot

Friday, May 10th – Ballots mailed out to membership (via postal mail)

Friday, May 24th – Voting closes, ballots must be RECEIVED by 5pm at SEIU 503 Portland HQ*

Wednesday, May 29th – Elections Committee counts ballots & tallies results (date tentative)

Week of June 3rd – Elections Committee shares election results with SEIU 219 Membership via email

*SEIU Local 503, OPEU
6401 SE Foster Rd.
Portland, OR  97206

What to do if you didn’t receive a ballot:

If you haven’t received a ballot by Tuesday, May 14th, please email Bonnie Jones ASAP at to request a new ballot. You are responsible for making sure you contact us to be given a replacement ballot.


Contact Us/Help:

Send all other questions, comments or concerns to either:

Elections Committee:

SEIU 219 Executive Committee:

2013 Elections Committee
Pete Farrelly
Dani Hall
Jackie Harris
Megan Welter

SEIU 219 Executive Committee
Hillary Booth, Chair
Gregg Baird, Secretary
James Burke, Chief Steward
Shane Sevey, Chief Steward

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