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2014 SEIU 503 General Council proposed Resolutions: we need your feedback!

Take the 2014 General Council proposed Resolutions opinion poll

The SEIU 503 General Council (the Governing body of our larger union SEIU 503) will be in session August 14-16, 2014. Proposed resolutions that were written by union members will be debated and voted upon. General Council Delegates will also review and adopt a budget for the upcoming biennium.

Local Officers are responsible for reviewing the proposed Resolutions with union members at the local level, and SEIU 503 staff have taken the time to create a few summaries on their interpretation of how proposed Resolutions might effect the way our union currently works. Read these summaries here:

SEIU 503 Staff’s Estimated Legislative Impact of proposed Resolutions

SEIU 503 legal staff’s Interpretation of proposed Resolutions

We’ve posted the proposed Resolutions online here for review:

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SEIU Sub-local 219 FY2013-14 Annual Budget

The SEIU 503 fiscal year runs from October 1 through September 30. Our Sub-local (219) is responsible for creating and adhering to a budget for our quarterly due rebates.

Download:  SEIU Sub-local 219 FY 2013-2014 budget


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Give your feedback about making our workplaces more healthy!

SEIU 503 wants to hear from us about how healthy (or unhealthy) our workplaces are!

From the SEIU 503 webpage:

Can we have a healthy workforce if we don’t have a healthy workplace?

We want to know how you feel about workplace health and whether policies and practices in your workplace help or harm your health goals. Besides the positive personal improvements we can feel from improved health, a healthier workforce also means lower costs, which can improve our position at the bargaining table.

We have all been asked to take greater responsibility for improving and maintaining our own health, but there is more to being healthy than just personal responsibility. We know this is a complex issue that goes beyond waist size and body mass index.

What steps should be taken to create healthier workplaces, and how can we work toward that goal?

In order to answer those important questions, we need to know what you think. Please answer a short survey today asking how you feel about various aspects of workplace health.

Complete the survey online at

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News you can use: Highlights from July Labor/Management Meeting

Highlights from 7/18/12 Statewide Labor/Management Meeting

Below is a summary of highlights from the bi-monthly SEIU 503 Local 200 meeting that I attended in Salem on 7/18/12. The morning was devoted to labor issues. In the afternoon we were joined by management for a joint labor/management meeting.

These issues will be discussed in detail in our monthly union meetings. If you have questions or comments, please contact your worksite leader or steward.

Schedule Adjustment (so called Flex Time)

Issues related to adjusting your work schedule were discussed. View handout at:

Step Increases

On August 1, 2012 steps resume – on your next Salary Eligibility Date (SED) – for those who are not topped out. (If you do not know your SED, please contact Human Resources or Payroll).  View handout at:

Step – slide

For those where were caught in the step-slide situation in our previous contract, you can get the latest information at:

 Reserving vacation time while using intermittent OFLA/FMLA protection

Contract Article 56, Section 9 permits employees to retain up to 40 hours of vacation time while on OFLA/FMLA leave.  Management has notified SEIU 503 that they will not honor the contract for workers on intermittent leave; SEIU will potentially file an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP).

If you request to save vacation time on your OFLA/FMLA form, and are denied, please contact your steward ASAP.

View handout at:

Statewide Safety Committee

Labor and management have been trying to establish a statewide safety committee. Labor has selected committee members (the SL219 labor reps are Stewards James Burke and Carol Dobrovonly). The deadline to select management representatives has been extended to July 24, 2012.


In order to convey confidential and sensitive information, it is very important that we have the ability to contact you outside of the state email system. (SL219 will be soon rolling out a campaign to collect home email addresses and conducting a survey on the most effective communication methods for our worksite.)

Stewards Council

Local 200 is establishing a Stewards Council so that we can discuss and plan actions around issues of common interest.

 Bargaining Conference

The first Bargaining Conference will be held in Salem on Saturday, September 22. All members are strongly encouraged to attend. Save the date and stay tuned for additional details.

Morale Committee

A bi-monthly statewide labor/management Morale Committee has been established. The committee is developing a survey; information will be published as soon as it is available. (SL219 Steward Ben Maynard is on this committee.)

 Documenting workplace issues

If a concerning worksite issue occurs, it is critical that you document it! Often stewards don’t hear from members until a situation becomes critical. To build an effective case and negotiate a mutually satisfactory resolution, we need documentation as soon as the problem starts.

Weingarten rights

If you are called to a meeting (or are already in a meeting) and you think, feel or believe that the questions you are asked could lead to discipline, you are entitled to have a steward present.  For more on Weingarten rights go to:

 Dress code

There is no dress code. “Clean and covered” is the rule.  Please dress appropriately for your job. Report any attempt to implement a work unit dress code to your steward.

In solidarity and health,

LeeLa Coleman


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Dr. Goldberg: OHA workers FORBIDDEN to use state email to discuss union business

The following email was sent to all Oregon Health Authority employees on July 7, 2011:

To: All OHA employees
From: Bruce Goldberg, M.D., Director
Subject: Status quo period and appropriate use of email

As the collective bargaining process continues there is a change concerning use of  the agency’s email systems. I want to provide clear direction to all parties on the use of agency email systems for union business. At this time, and until further notice, union business is not to be conducted through the state’s email systems.

This means no messages will be sent by or on behalf of the union through the agency’s email system, whether the communication is from union staff or agency staff holding union positions. Any agency staff receiving a message inadvertently sent concerning union business must advise his or her immediate supervisor of the communication without responding to it.

The use of the agency’s email system by staff for non-work related purposes remains in place. That means your internet access (whether for various acceptable sites or to a private email account) is subject to existing agency policy. If you have any questions concerning the scope of such permitted use it is important to contact Human Resources to get clarification before you use the system. Our goal is to have the policy followed and avoid any personnel issues concerning such use.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

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Contract Expired! Here’s the info

As you know, our contract expired at midnight on 6/30/11. Please be aware regarding what is covered and not covered without a contract. It is very important to adhere to these regulations.

As an officer, steward or represented employee you cannot send email regarding union information or bargaining updates. This is because the contract has expired as of midnight 6/30/11 and the provisions governing use of email for union activity expires with it.

For the grievance procedure. Please be very aware. For activities and Fact Findings that occur for incidents happening BEFORE the contract expires, grievances if needed would be valid. For incidents AFTER the contract expires, the agency is not obligated to accept a grievance on behalf of an employee. The interpretations are somewhat concrete, but vague at the same time.

Personal Business Days WILL continue per usual along with health insurance and other economic provisions.

Please check out the FAQ

If you are not receiving bargaining updates at home, make sure SEIU has your home email. Go to

Follow our local on Facebook or Twitter for the latest. Details at

If a co-worker did not receive this email please have a conversation with them in person.

In Solidarity,

LeeLa Coleman


SEIU 503 OHA Public Health Local 219

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Welcome SEIU Sublocal 219 represented employees & supporters!

Welcome to the SEIU Sublocal 219 website!

Up until now, we’ve been directing people to the SEIU Local 503 website (our larger “umbrella” union) for information; but now we’ve got our own spot to keep Sublocal 219 represented employees updated about what’s going on for Oregon’s state Public Health workers!

We’ve created this website with the goal of keeping all represented employees (both members and fair share) better informed. Our aim is to start making vital local union updates and information available to all represented employees at all times.

Here are some of the new features you’ll be able to use through this website:

Facebook: SEIU Sublocal 219 now has a Facebook page. “Like” us on Facebook to keep up with general information we post. Join the conversation by sharing your comments or posting other SEIU-related information. Just click on the Facebook icon at the top right corner of the main page.

Calendar of events: We’ve created an event calendar on this website where you can see all events that pertain to Sublocal 219 members and supporters! We’ll post meeting dates, event dates, worksite action dates and bargaining milestone dates. Let us know if there are other event you’d like to see on our calendar. Click on the “Calendar” tab to view upcoming events.

Twitter: SEIU Sublocal 219 now has a Twitter account. We’ll be posting information about general items, and will also use this account to share live information while we’re out at events. Follow us on Twitter and join the conversation! Just click on the Twitter icon at the top right corner of the main page.

YouTube: We now have a specific YouTube channel for SEIU Sublocal 219. We’ll be uploading videos from SEIU events. If you have videos you’d like us to share with other members, please let us know! To subscribe to our channel on YouTube start by clicking the icon in the top right corner of the main page of the website.

Thanks for checking out our new website! If you have feedback about how you’d like us to communicate with you please leave a comment.

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