Collective Bargaining Information

We’ve created a section on this webpage just to share info about bargaining. Check it out for an overview of the basic elements of the bargaining process; we’ve also posted some updates and additional materials.

Take me to the bargaining info page!

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Self-guided online Employee Union Orientation

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SEIU 219 (OR Public Health Division) Employee Morale Survey results

In November of 2013, SEIU sub-local 219 conducted a Public Health Division morale assessment. The questions asked in the morale assessment questionnaire were triggered by the limitations of the DAS Employee Engagement Survey, the importance of family friendly policies, and our knowledge of problems occurring in the Oregon Public Health

For this reason, we tried to organize the survey questions by topic and how they relate to specific OHA policies and articles in the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA, aka employment contract). We were particularly interested in the DAS work family balance policy (10.030.01), professional workplace policy (50.010.03), flexible schedule policy (10.000.01), and language in our CBA.

This report summarizes responses from employees at the Oregon Health Authority’s Public Health Division. Two hundred-fifty-four respondents from the Public Health Division participated in the morale assessment.

Click the link below to download survey summary results:

PHD Morale Executive Summary

We will be releasing a more extensive analysis of survey results by March 2014.

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Calculate 2014 premium share

How to calculate your 2014 premium share, under the state’s proposed employment contract:

1: Determine the cost of your 2014 medical and dental premiums, then add $1 for life insurance

2) Determine the state’s proposed contribution to your 2014 medical and dental premiums

3) Subtract the state’s proposed contribution to your premium from the total cost of your premium (total premium = medical + dental + $1)

4) Divide the result (of the subtraction) by the total cost of your premium

5) Take this number and move the decimal over two places to the right

This is the percentage of your health care premium that the state is proposing you pay for 2014


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Bargaining Update

The state and union bargaining teams have reached a tentative agreement (TA) for our biennial employment contract!

Click below to read the details:

Tentative Bargaining Agreement Summary

You can also read the new language that will be added to our contract:

New Contract Language

If you have questions, comments or concerns please contact us at SEIUSubloca219@gmail.com.

Don’t forget to send in your vote on whether to approve this tentative agreement!

Ballots must be received by Friday August 16th at 5pm. If you haven’t received a ballot by now, please contact us immediately to receive one.

Thanks for staying engaged during bargaining!

-Hillary Booth, SEIU 219 Chair

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Public Health Lab rallies for a fair contract!

PH Lab Rally

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Bargaining Basics

What: Bargaining with the state over our next contract (which runs from July 2013 – June 2015)

What we bargain:

  • Wages (Salary increases, differential pay, overtime, mileage reimbursement, etc)
  • Work schedules
  • Safety and Health issues
  • Union Rights & Management Rights
  • Furlough days or not

What we don’t bargain:

  • Medical benefits, HEM (negotiated by PEBB Board)
  • PERS (negotiated by PERS Board; affected by Legislators)

When & Where: Actual bargaining begins ~January 2013.  Prior to that, members fill out the Bargaining Surveys ~September 2012 to let the union know what’s important to them.  Bargaining takes place at the SEIU 503 Headquarters in Salem.

Who: Elected bargaining delegates throughout the state.  Bargaining coalitions.

Bargaining delegates in the PSOB:

  • James Burke, ODPE/Health Statistics 2nd floor, x3-1174
  • Gregg Baird, DWP 6th floor, x3-0410

Have some feedback for us about what you’d like to see happen when we bargain our upcoming contract?

Email us at: SEIUSublocal219@gmail.com

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BREAKING NEWS: SEIU reaches tentative agreement, Members recommend ratification

SEIU 503 has reached a Tentative Agreement at the bargaining table. Click below to read the text of the agreement:

2011 Central Table Tentative Agreement

At the bargaining conference today, members voted to recommend to the larger union member group that we vote yes to ratify this Central Table (for all of DAS) agreement.

This does NOT mean that we have already voted yes to make this contract permanent. What it does mean is that members statewide will be voting very soon on whether they accept this contract. Ballots will be mailed to all state workers represented by SEIU 503, but your ballot will only be accepted if you are a union member. If you’re not a union member at the time they are mailing ballots, SEIU will send you a membership application along with your ballot so that you can complete it and then mail in along with your ballot.

If you are not sure whether you’re a member (as opposed to someone who is “Fair Share”), find your local CAT, steward or chair immediately, and we’ll help you figure it out! Check your pay stub and if you see “F/S” in the line items for the union dues taken out of your check then you are most likely NOT a member!

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Let Governor Kitzhaber know how you feel about the State’s proposals

You’ve seen the state’s proposals to cut our healthcare, retirement, and wages. You know the impact this will have on you, your family, and the Oregonians we serve each day.

Now is the time to let Governor Kitzhaber know how you feel about the State’s proposals. If you haven’t already signed a paper copy in your workplace, click the link below to sign a petition to the Governor, and add your own personalized message:


As you know, words are powerful but aren’t always enough. Make sure to participate in a worksite action – a rally, a unity break, an informational picket, purpling up – next week. Talk with your CAT (Contract Action Team) leader or call the union office for more info.


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