2014 SEIU 503 General Council proposed Resolutions: we need your feedback!

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The SEIU 503 General Council (the Governing body of our larger union SEIU 503) will be in session August 14-16, 2014. Proposed resolutions that were written by union members will be debated and voted upon. General Council Delegates will also review and adopt a budget for the upcoming biennium.

Local Officers are responsible for reviewing the proposed Resolutions with union members at the local level, and SEIU 503 staff have taken the time to create a few summaries on their interpretation of how proposed Resolutions might effect the way our union currently works. Read these summaries here:

SEIU 503 Staff’s Estimated Legislative Impact of proposed Resolutions

SEIU 503 legal staff’s Interpretation of proposed Resolutions

We’ve posted the proposed Resolutions online here for review:


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HEM Update: What’s coming in 2013

Updates from the HEM (Health Engagement Model) Committee:

• PEBB members will have a choice to enroll in the HEM during open enrollment (October 1-31) and must complete their Health Risk Assessment between Sept. 1-Oct. 31 of this year to be eligible to participate. (If you’re a Kaiser member and took the risk assessment this year between Feb. 13, 2012, and Sept. 1, 2012, you won’t need to take the assessment again for 2013).

• HEM participants will receive a monthly taxable amount of $17.50 per employee or $35 if it’s both an employee and their spouse or domestic partner participating. This incentive payment will begin in January 2013. We view this as a positive change that our many member voices brought about.

• Non-HEM participants will no longer pay a surcharge. Instead, non-participants will see an increased deductible of $100 per person up to a maximum family amount of $300. If one adult in the partnership participates in the HEM and the other does not, PEBB will still consider them non-participants and charge the increased deductible. All SEIU HEM committee members, as well as our PEBB board members, have spoken strongly against this punitive aspect of the HEM. Unfortunately, the management representatives on the PEBB board defeated efforts to eliminate this punitive approach.

• PEBB listened to our recommendation to offer HEM participants more options for meeting the HEM requirements in 2013.  While completing two e-lessons prior to the 2014 open enrollment remains a choice, there are now many more options to engage people in health. See the complete list here: http://cms.oregon.gov/das/pebb/pages/hemactivites.aspx. We do not yet know how members will be asked to track and report these activities. PEBB is continuing to work on this aspect with Kaiser and Providence, and we will communicate this information as we learn it.

On evaluating the HEM, a team from Providence Center for Outcomes Research & Education (CORE) has been charged with this process led by Dr. Bill Wright, a senior research scientist. In our most recent HEM Joint Labor/Management Committee meeting, he laid out the need for the evaluation to be comprehensive – to look at what matters to all PEBB members like cost savings and changes in health. A second principle of the evaluation is to evaluate in a way that allows PEBB to move forward.

We think this second principle is critical. We know too well that a poorly communicated change to our health plans that included a punitive surcharge got us started on the wrong foot. We discussed how it was critical that this evaluation include both HEM participants and non-participants in order to uncover information PEBB can learn from. We hope a comprehensive analysis will lead to PEBB’s not repeating past mistakes. If at some point you are contacted for an interview, we encourage you to give your feedback.

You can also reach us (your SEIU HEM committee representatives) at HEMcommittee@seiu503.org.

In unity,

Keary DeBeck, DOJ, Salem

Nat Elder, WOU, Monmouth

Sabrina Freewynn, OHA, Portland

Wednesday Martin, DHS, Roseburg

Shaun Parkman, Alternate, OHA, Portland

Siobhan Martin, Staff Advisor

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Local 200 election results are in!

Our OHA sublocal, 219

Chair – Leela Coleman
Vice Chair – Hillary Booth
Secretary – Gregg Baird
Treasurer – Rebekah Cook

Local 200 officers

President – Catherine Stearns
Vice President – Jennifer Garner
Secretary – Jodi Jostmeyer
Treasurer – Rena Chapel

Sub Local 201

Chair – Abigail Carroll
Vice Chair – Ciel Downing
Secretary – Heather Elkins
Treasurer – Janie Erickson

Sub Local 202

Chair – Shamus Cooke
Vice Chair – MaryAnn Terpstra
Secretary – Stacey Mahler
Treasurer – Lawerence Dalton

Sub Local 203

Chair – Wayne Ground
Vice Chair – Alice Pangburn
Secretary – Melanie Hamming
Treasurer – Steven Peterson

Sub Local 204

Chair – Jennifer Stanton
Vice Chair – Terry Morse
Secretary – Maria O’Grady
Treasurer – Allison Foster

Sub Local 205

Chair – Paul Harrington
Vice Chair – Mark Stern
Secretary – 4 way tie, doing outreach on 4/25
Treasurer – Maria Bahena-Duran

Sub Local 206

Chair – David Darrow
Vice Chair – Joyce Ann Perham
Secretary – John Jenkins
Treasurer – Wednesday Martin

Sub Local 207

Chair – Mary Armstrong
Vice Chair – Jessica Morris
Secretary -Tracey Anderson
Treasurer – Steven Wesman

Sub Local 208

Chair – Michael Roberts
Vice Chair – Vanessa Herriott
Secretary – Deborah Salgado
Treasurer – Martin Ramirez

Sub Local 209

Chair – Elisa Preciado
Vice Chair – Jennifer Jones
Secretary – Carol Shaw
Treasurer – Jason Shaw

Sub Local 210

Chair – Aaron Craig
Vice Chair – Dana Margosian
Secretary – Evelyn Marshall
Treasurer – Debra Siegle

Sub Local 211

Chair – Vickie High
Vice Chair – Cynthia Potucek
Secretary – Kryan Pope
Treasurer – Allison West

Sub Local 212

Chair – Kerry Muniz
Vice Chair – Raelynn Moon
Sec/Tres – Marsha Steinbruck

Sub Local 213

Chair – Jennifer Stephens
Sec/Tres – Wendy Wall

Sub Local 214

Chair – Doug Zambrano
Vice Chair – Cori Navarro
Secretary – Margaret Contreras
Treasurer –

Sub Local 215

Chair – Brian Cook
Vice Chair – Katrina Rector
Secretary – Vicki Pearse
Treasurer – Kimberly Brown

Sub Local 216

Chair – Anne Kirby
Vice Chair – Nicole Meeker
Secretary – Connie Jarin
Treasurer – Deborah White

Sub Local 217

Chair – Tonjia Doeden
Vice Chair – Michelle Garman
Secretary – Michel Miller
Treasurer – Lisa Baker

Sub Local 218

Chair – Andie Carmona
Vice Chair – Tansy Peschel
Secretary – Betty Holladay
Treasurer – Tanja Lupoli

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SEIU Files Charges with ERB over email blockage

From the Bargaining Team:

Today, SEIU filed charges with the Oregon Employment Relations Board (ERB) over the State’s improper and illegal infringement of union members’ rights to communicate regarding union matters and continue representational activities.

Over the past two weeks, management has violated members’ rights to free speech, has sought to restrict or prevent representation, and has violated the “status quo” obligations outlined under State law.

We have asked ERB to expedite handling of this matter and will update you as the case develops.

While we pursue this legal recourse, we must all keep focused on winning a strong contract at the bargaining table. Keep up the great work of involving your coworkers and taking action!

In solidarity,
Your DAS/OUS Central Bargaining Team

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Contract Expired! Here’s the info

As you know, our contract expired at midnight on 6/30/11. Please be aware regarding what is covered and not covered without a contract. It is very important to adhere to these regulations.

As an officer, steward or represented employee you cannot send email regarding union information or bargaining updates. This is because the contract has expired as of midnight 6/30/11 and the provisions governing use of email for union activity expires with it.

For the grievance procedure. Please be very aware. For activities and Fact Findings that occur for incidents happening BEFORE the contract expires, grievances if needed would be valid. For incidents AFTER the contract expires, the agency is not obligated to accept a grievance on behalf of an employee. The interpretations are somewhat concrete, but vague at the same time.

Personal Business Days WILL continue per usual along with health insurance and other economic provisions.

Please check out the FAQ http://www.seiu503.org/state/Frequently_Asked_Questions_regarding_the_Expiration_of_a_Union_Contract.aspx

If you are not receiving bargaining updates at home, make sure SEIU has your home email. Go to http://seiu503.seiu.org/page/signup/contact-info-update

Follow our local on Facebook or Twitter for the latest. Details at http://local219.seiu503.org/

If a co-worker did not receive this email please have a conversation with them in person.

In Solidarity,

LeeLa Coleman


SEIU 503 OHA Public Health Local 219

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Bargaining Updates

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Welcome SEIU Sublocal 219 represented employees & supporters!

Welcome to the SEIU Sublocal 219 website!

Up until now, we’ve been directing people to the SEIU Local 503 website (our larger “umbrella” union) for information; but now we’ve got our own spot to keep Sublocal 219 represented employees updated about what’s going on for Oregon’s state Public Health workers!

We’ve created this website with the goal of keeping all represented employees (both members and fair share) better informed. Our aim is to start making vital local union updates and information available to all represented employees at all times.

Here are some of the new features you’ll be able to use through this website:

Facebook: SEIU Sublocal 219 now has a Facebook page. “Like” us on Facebook to keep up with general information we post. Join the conversation by sharing your comments or posting other SEIU-related information. Just click on the Facebook icon at the top right corner of the main page.

Calendar of events: We’ve created an event calendar on this website where you can see all events that pertain to Sublocal 219 members and supporters! We’ll post meeting dates, event dates, worksite action dates and bargaining milestone dates. Let us know if there are other event you’d like to see on our calendar. Click on the “Calendar” tab to view upcoming events.

Twitter: SEIU Sublocal 219 now has a Twitter account. We’ll be posting information about general items, and will also use this account to share live information while we’re out at events. Follow us on Twitter and join the conversation! Just click on the Twitter icon at the top right corner of the main page.

YouTube: We now have a specific YouTube channel for SEIU Sublocal 219. We’ll be uploading videos from SEIU events. If you have videos you’d like us to share with other members, please let us know! To subscribe to our channel on YouTube start by clicking the icon in the top right corner of the main page of the website.

Thanks for checking out our new website! If you have feedback about how you’d like us to communicate with you please leave a comment.

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