How to Build a Union Orientation Toolkit for your Local

SEIU 219 Officers have developed both a standardized Employee Union Orientation Packet and a Union Orientation Toolkit to keep materials organized.

We recommend you get a portable hanging file box; in this you’ll store pre-assembled packets, meeting rosters, and materials for the Orientation Leader.

Recommended materials for employee union orientation packets:

1)     Welcome Letter Letter welcoming state employees to their new jobs & to being represented by SEIU

2)     SEIU 503 Orientation Guide with Member application: This booklet also contains a membership application; these are produced by SEIU 503 and can be requested from your organizer.

3)     SEIU 503 org chart Outlines the structure of SEIU 503 (our larger union) & SEIU 219 (OHA’s local union chapter)

4)     Sub-local Leader List Contact & location info of  Officers, Stewards, Committee Members, and other activitists

5)     Weingarten Rights: Your Right To Representation handout Overview of employee’s right to steward representation if being investigated by management or HR

6)     Member-only benefits: Benefits SEIU 503 offers to members (beyond voting rights)

7)     Turning Worker Vision Into Action handout Describes what the union does locally, great suggestions for ways that employees can become more involved

8)    SEIU 219 DUES FAQs FEB 2013  Describes how union dues are calculated for state employees & an overview of how dues were spent in 2011

9)    Check Stub Explanation: A handout displaying a sample check stub that explains union deductions

10)  CAPE info sheet Background about Citizen Action for Political Education (CAPE) & how members can get involved

11)  2013-2015 Employment Contract (aka Collective Bargaining Agreement) A copy of the contract should be given at orientation

Use folders or the SEIU 503 Orientation Guide to hold the materials in the packet.


Other recommended materials for your NEO kit:

1)     Orientation Toolkit checklist A checklist of forms to include in each orientation toolkit

1)     Orientation Leader Guide A suggested script for the leading a union NEO for employees represented by SEIU 219

2)     Postage-paid envelopes: Use these to mail in completed member applications (just drop in the nearest mailbox)

3)     T-shirts or other purple swag: Offer to employees who fill out the membership application at the meeting.

4)     Business cards: SEIU Sublocal business cards, with a spot to write in name & phone number of nearest steward. Suggested statement employees can use to request Weingarten rights is printed on the back. Order these through your organizer.

5)     Pens: So members can write in the name of their steward on business card, fill out applications, take notes

6)     Tape: To hang up meeting sign on door


Want versions of these templates that you can modify? Download templates here




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