Local 219 Stewards

Name Area
James Burke 2nd floor, PSOB
Gina Bell 2nd floor, PSOB
Candice Geringer 2nd floor, PSOB
Sarah Hargand 2nd floor, PSOB
Megan Welter
2nd floor, PSOB
Dani Hall 2nd floor, PSOB
Ben Maynard 6th floor, PSOB
Hillary Booth 7th floor, PSOB
LeeLa Coleman 7th floor,  PSOB
Carol Dobrovolny 8th floor, PSOB
Paul Peterson OSPHL
Rebekah Cook OSPHL
Remember: make sure you talk to your steward first before calling the Member Resource Center!


Want to be steward? We’re always looking for folks who are willing to stand up for their fellow employees!

Contact us at SEIUSublocal219@gmail.com for more info.

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