Online Employee Union Orientation

Union Orientation Self-Guide for SEIU 503, Sublocal 219

We’ve created a Union Orientation Self-Guide for state employees to use for online orientation about the union that represents them—SEIU 219! Please read through the materials and let us know if you have any questions or need clarification about any information. It might work best if you follow the order listed, but we’ve left that up to you; its all about freedom. Happy learning!

1)     Welcome Letter (updated 05-01-14)  Read our letter welcoming you both to state employment & being represented by SEIU

2)     SEIU 503 org chart  Learn about the structure of SEIU 503 (our larger union) & SEIU 219 (OHA’s local union chapter)

3)     Leader List (updated 05-01-14)  Contact & location info of your local Officers & Stewards at PSOB & OSPHL

4)     Weingarten Rights: Your Right To Union Representation  Find out about your right to steward representation if being investigated by management or HR

5)     Member-only benefits  Find out what benefits SEIU 503 offers to members (including college scholarships)

6)     SEIU 503 DUES FAQ  Learn about how union dues are calculated for state employees & an overview of how they’re spent

7)     Pay stub explanation  View a sample check stub that explains union deductions

8)     Turning Workers’ Vision Into Action  Describes what your union accomplishes locally and includes some suggestions for ways that employees can become more involved with our union.

9)     CAPE info sheet  Read about the Citizen Action for Political Education (CAPE) & how you can get involved

10)   Employment Contract (aka your Collective Bargaining Agreement)  Read your employment contract that has been negotiated for all DHS/OHA represented (non-management) state employees

11)   Why Join A Union?  Still wondering whether you want to become a member? Read more about why its a good idea.

12)   Membership Application  Fill out an application to become a member of SEIU 219 (and by extension, SEIU 503). You can return the application yourself via postal mail, or hand it in to one of your local SEIU 219 leaders.

Remember: you’ll still be represented by a union (SEIU) if you choose not to become a member, but membership enables you to vote on all union decisions, including bargaining.


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